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In response to many inquiries about the bus lines providing service between Chinatowns in the Northeast, we direct you to these sites.  Explore Chinatown has no connection with and is not responsible for the bus lines’ schedules and service.  

apex bus

Serves New York, DC, Philadelphia, Richmond & Atlanta.

Phone: 888.988.2739
Email: sales@apexbus.com


Chinatown Intercity Buses

Serves New York, DC, Philadelphia, & Boston.

Phone: 202.370.7958

Email: info@chinatown-bus.com


Everyday Bus Tour, Inc.

NY to Norfolk, VA

46 Canal Street



Fung Wah Bus

Serves Boston and New York.

Phone: 212.925.8889
Email: general@fungwahbus.com


Lucky Star Express

Serves Boston & New York.
Phone: 888-881-0887
Local: 617-426-8801 / 617-426-8802
Email: info@luckystarbus.com


Mega Bus

British-owned Megabus seems to have created the broadest network of U.S. cities. Bus stops are located in 31 cities including Washington D.C., Ann Arbor, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and more.

Phone: 877-GO2-MEGA  / 877-462-6342


Washington Deluxe

Serves New York & Washington, DC.

Phone: 866-BUS-NY-DC / 866-287-69 32
Local: 718-387-7523
Email: Info@washny.com