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You might have seen, for example, Grubhub’s recent announcement that it would be “temporarily suspending collection of up to $100 million in commission payments from impacted independent restaurants nationwide.”

That’s good, right? Well, sort of. Many restaurants are losing valuable dine-in income as people self-quarantine or practice social distancing, and Grubhub’s decision to suspend the commission it receives every time you place an order with Grubhub or Seamless (remember, they’re the same company now) will allow restaurants to keep a little extra cash at hand during a time of reduced cash flow.

But Grubhub is going to get that cash eventually.

"Whatever you could order [in] the bar or restaurant or distillery or winery you can purchase through takeout," Cuomo said during the press conference. "We hope that goes a long way toward alleviating any economic hardship." He added that the State Liquor Authority will change their rules to allow takeout alcohol sales from bars, wineries, restaurants, and distilleries.
Show Some Love for Chinatown
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Many thanks to all the supporters who participated in our Show Some Love for Chinatown raffle contest from Valentine's Day to March 15, 2020. Over 770 receipts worth $35,000 from shopping and dining in the neighborhood were redeemed for a chance to win great prizes including an Apple iPhone X, jewelry and Fuji INSTAX Mini Camera.

The lucky winners/supporters will be announced sometime this week and will be made available online and via e-mail. Stayed tuned and remember to continue to #SupportChinatown
Assistance & Guidance for Businesses Impacted Due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on March 8 that the City will provide relief for small businesses across the City seeing a reduction in revenue because of COVID-19. Businesses with fewer than 100 employees who have seen sales decreases of 25% or more will be eligible for zero interest loans of up to $75,000 to help mitigate losses in profit.

The City is also offering small businesses with fewer than 5 employees a grant to cover 40% of payroll costs for two months to help retain employees. Eligible owners who would like to learn more about these programs should fill out the interest form.

市長比爾·白思豪3月8日宣布,該市將为因為COVID-19而导致收入減少的小企业提供救濟。少於100名員工和銷售額25%以上下降的小企业將有資格獲得高達$ 75,000零利率貸款,以幫助減輕損失的利潤。

該市還提供少於5員工的小企業工资补贴,以帮忙支付企业工資 40% 的费用,持续兩個月來幫助留住員工。合資格的業主想了解更多有關這些計劃誰應該填寫我們的 報名表
(Courtesy of Museum of Food and Drink )
AAFE’s small business affiliate, Renaissance Economic Development Corporation, has established an Emergency Small Business Relief Fund to support businesses in the community hard hit by the coronavirus scare. Funding will allow Renaissance to provide financial assistance to business owners who are facing the biggest challenge since the devastating 9/11 attacks two decades ago.

While most of the city’s small businesses are now grappling with the new economic reality, most Chinatown enterprises in Manhattan have been suffering, some more drastic than others, since late January. That’s already two months of reduced business, with some restaurants and stores reporting an 85% drop in sales.

"There are two major viruses going on: one is the coronavirus itself and then there's the second, what they call an ugly cousin [racism], that is causing more harm than the actual disease," Chen said. "They [customers] are afraid to come in for a haircut. They are afraid to go to the dentist. We have seen a steady decline and [businesses] are telling me it's a like bloodbath."

The New York Department of Small Business Services also received reports of taxi drivers refusing to go to Chinese neighborhoods – further exacerbating the woes of Chinese businesses.

Keep Up To Date With Following Sources

NYC (Official website of the City of New York)

Text: COVID to 692692 for text updates from NYC
CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
WHO (World Health Organization)
HHS (Health and Human Services)

The best ways to do this are to isolate people who are ill, trace who sick people had contact with to find others who might have been exposed, quarantine anyone who may have been exposed to the virus, close schools and offices, and encourage people to avoid crowds.

Without these measures, the infection rate is likely to climb quickly. But flattening the curve buys time for health providers to obtain more tests, beds, and ventilators and to bolster their arsenal of supplies and treatments to combat the coronavirus.

There is widespread community transmission of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) happening in New York City. This is an opportunity for New York State-certified healthcare workers to provide community care for patients in need during this challenging time.

Please fill out the survey to add your name to the list and be considered for employment as surge staffing. You will be contacted with further instructions on how to input license information if your assistance is needed.
Price Gouging is ILLEGAL for ANY Item or Service Needed to Limit the Spread of COVID-19
Be sure to compare prices when shopping. If you think a store excessively increased the price of these items beginning in March, file a complaint online or call 311 and say "Overcharge."

2020 Census: Fill Out Your Form Today
Every ten years the census aims to get a count of everyone living in the United States. The more accurate the data, the more opportunities our community will get to receive public funding. Shape your future. Start here. Complete the census at 2020CENSUS.GOV

每十年一次的人ロ普查,目的在于统计居住在美国的每一个人。数据越确切,我们社区发展就更有机会获得公共资金的补助。你我未来,由此展开。请上 2020CENSUS.GOV/zh-hans